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You are welcome to submit articles on whatever (non-commercial topic) you would like related to halakha or Judaism. Try to be gentle and tactful. If you want to post an article mail it to In general, we will assume any email message sent to the above addresses is meant for inclusion in the mailing list. If it is a private message to the moderators, and not for the list, please state so clearly in the subject of your message. Anonymity will be preserved on request.

Cross posting

Cross posting between mail-jewish and other jewish mailing lists is discouraged. Publishing any portions of the mail-jewish digests on any other medium including other mailing lists without asking the moderators or the originator of the article represents a breach of trust as many of the people who write in wish their privacy preserved. Please note that in today's world of increasing electronic intercommunication, mail-jewish may be redistributed on the web.


When you submit an article, you should get a receipt e-mail from the server within two hours. If you do not get a receipt, then our server most likely did not receive your submission; this could be due to network or e-mail failures. Your receipt will contain a submission ID, which you can enter at to check the progress of your submission.

Your submission will have one of three possible routes:

  1. It could be deleted if it looks like spam or garbage.
  2. It could be flagged for publication by being moved to the publication queue, if it appears in order, whereupon it will eventually be published.
  3. It could be flagged for moderation if there are some issues with the submission. Moderation typically requires more time than the other option and could result in three possibilities:
    1. The submission could be flagged for publication, possibly with minor spelling, grammar, or deletion edits.
    2. The submission could be rejected as inappropriate for the list.
    3. The submission could be modified and sent to the approval queue. If this happens, you will get another e-mail asking you to approve the moderated submission in its current form or else resubmit a modified version. If you do nothing, the modified submission will be deleted in about a week.
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