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Welcome to the mail-jewish mailing list!

This mailing list was founded in 1986 for the purpose of discussing Jewish topics in general within an environment where the validity of Halakha and the Halakhic process is accepted, as well as for the discussion of topics of Halakha. The mailing list is open to everybody, but it is also carefully moderated: topics such as the validity of Torah, halakha, etc. are not accepted.

The list currently has roughly 1500 subscribers representing a very broad range of religious perspectives, although significantly more readers actually read its archives on a regular basis. We typically mail one or two digests per week, with each digest typically running between 250 and 300 lines. The mail-jewish archives are available on the web, with each volume running about 100 issues.

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If you are reading this in a paper version and would like to subscribe electronically, please visit and request an invitation.

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